Your Google Ads Marketing Spend

Are you running your business without knowing exactly where your online marketing dollars are being spent? Some paid search companies will charge a fee based on your Google Ads spend without providing details on exactly where the money is going. You should get all the facts you need to make educated decisions on your marketing budget. At a minimum, you should know:

  • Your cost per click
  • Your cost per conversion
  • Which keywords are converting, and which are not
  • Your impression share
  • Your click-through rate
  • Where your money is going
    • How much does Google get paid
    • How much your advertising agency is getting paid

There are some very good paid search companies offering their services. They will provide reports as often as you like and will provide as much detail as you need to make good decisions on how your money is being spent. They will also provide you with log-in details so you can see the information first-hand. Further, these companies, like Think Online Marketing, will make your point of contact the actual Google Ads professional as opposed to an account manager that will get back to you with answers to your questions.

Sadly, there are some companies that will not give you details of where your Google Ads money is going, and they will claim that the information is proprietary.

The better way? Work with Certified Google Adwords Professionals who have earned the Partner Badge. Call Think Online Marketing to share your business goals and learn how we can help.