Are Google Ads Certifications Important?

Does your Google Ads service provider hold any Google Ads Certifications? It’s a good question and one that you should probably ask. Your Doctor, Insurance Agent, HVAC Repairman, Mechanic, and Pest Control Company all have their certifications in order, does your Google Ads professional?

Here’s what all the Google Ads Certifications look like:

Why is it important? Each year I (and anyone that wants to work with me) retake all certification assessments and each year I get some of the questions wrong! Give me a break though, Google account management tools are enormous, and the questions are tricky. When I get a wrong answer, my OCD requires I go and learn as much as I can about what I missed. This makes sure that I am current with all the changes that happened throughout the year.

Google continuously updates its tools to help clients get the most ROI possible out of their accounts. New features are being added all the time that give us more access to even better data. With this new data and new tools, we can create or tweak accounts in ways that we were not able to before.

So, as a business owner concerned about your return on investment, cash flow, rising costs… would bother you if you knew your Google Ads Vendor held none or 1 certification but your competitors Google Ads Managers had them all? It probably should.