What are Responsive Search Ads?

How many text ads do you have in each of your Google Ads Campaigns? The correct answer is at least three, two of which will be Expanded Text Ads, and one should be a responsive search ad. A responsive search ad allows us to use up to 15 headlines and up to 4 descriptions. Google will choose the headlines and descriptions to display based on your potential customer’s query. This gives you a far better chance to get the click and hopefully the sale.

Responsive search ads allow us to reach more potential customers because, with more headlines and descriptions, our ads are eligible to compete in more auctions. We can also increase our campaign’s performance getting a better click-through rate than your expanded text ads.

Ask your Google Ads Professional how many ads are running in each of your campaigns and if one of them is a responsive search ad.

If you have any questions or would like a free review of your Google Ads Account from a Certified Google Partner, let us know, we’re happy to help!