Is Automated Bidding a Good Idea?     

Google gives us many different bidding options when we go to auction with our keywords. Some of these options include different types of automated bidding. Automated bidding gives Google the power to spend your money to get the most conversions possible for your spend. They give these bidding strategies appealing names like Smart Bidding, Maximize Conversions and Target CPA (cost per acquisition). Sounds like a no-brainer, right? Well, sometimes.

With Google Ads, one thing remains constant: You have to do the work to get the most out of your campaigns. A huge part of this work includes testing ad strategies. If you set your spend to $50 a day inside an Ad Group and tell Google to have at it with automated bidding, you can be pretty sure they will spend that entire $50. If you get no conversions or 100, our experience is that Google will spend that money.

As Google Partners, we work very closely with Google Account Strategists to test and set various bidding strategies to get the most we can out of every campaign. This testing includes Automated Bidding in some campaigns.

So, is Automated Bidding a Good Idea? The answer is, it’s a good idea to test it. Feel free to roll it out in underperforming campaigns just remember to be very careful with your daily budget. Keep in mind Google will spend the entire daily budget every day.

If you have questions regarding bidding strategies or anything else regarding Adwords, let us know, we’re always happy to help.