Using Location Reports in Paid Search Marketing

There’s an old saying in marketing that I have used for years and years; “you have to fish where the fish are”. I use this to explain how a professional marketer, skilled in pull marketing goes about optimizing their campaigns. In pull marketing, it is our job to find people who are looking for our products and services as opposed to push marketing that broadcasts a message to random people hoping to garner interest.

Google gives us amazing tools to help us manage where to spend money (or fish where the fish are!). One of these tools is the Location Report. This report allows us to see exactly where our money is being spent and gives us a cost per conversion for that location! Cool stuff huh? Think Online Marketing has clients that want their products sold throughout the United States. With the Location Report, I can see how much was spent in every city in the country where we got clicks, how much the clicks cost, how much I spent total in that geographic location, and most importantly, how much each conversion cost. With this actionable data, we can adjust where we spend our advertising budget based on the lowest cost per conversion and really reel those clients in at the price we want to pay.

If this is of interest to you ask your marketing pro to provide you with a location report. If you have any questions or if we can ever be of any assistance, please let us know.