Customer Service in Online Marketing

Have you ever had questions to ask a service provider but were frustrated that you could only speak to an account representative who reads from a script, not an expert, skilled in such matters? This happens with internet providers, satellite TV, phone service and sadly Google Ads Vendors. Poor customer service comes in many forms. You can have a cheerful account representative on the phone and not get the satisfaction you were hoping for.

When you contact Think Online Marketing you will always have your questions answered a certified Google Ads professional. Questions regarding where your spending is going, what people are searching, how people are targeted and any others will be answered often with screenshots from within the campaign! This level of service will give you peace of mind that the person on the switch has the skill and experience required to be a good steward of your marketing dollars.

Further, Think Online Marketing will never prioritize company policy over great customer service. We value our clients and understand a solid relationship is far more valuable than an invoice at the end of the month.

Contact Think Online Marketing today with any questions regarding our services.