Push Advertising with Blip

Think Online Marketing specializes in pull advertising; that is, we target people who are looking for our products or services and pull them to us. On the contrary, there’s push advertising, which pushes a message out to a broad audience, hoping to find an interested person. I love pull advertising because we can target potential clients using numerous tools that Google gives and can handle virtually any budget.

There is a relatively new push advertising method I recommend to the right successful business. It’s electronic billboards. With electronic billboards with a company like Blip, you can set any budget, and your advertisement will display for as long as your budget lasts! In the example I have in the image, my ad will be shown 263 times daily on a budget of $10 a day.

They work all over North America including the Orlando area and they have 12 locations on some pretty high trafficked areas.

If you’re interested to learn more contact them or we are happy to create your ad for you and negotiate the best price possible.