Personalized Results & Automated Bidding

In the old days of Google, they would identify the best webpages on the internet to show someone based on the keywords they used in their search. These days Google shows webpages to searchers based on their behavior! This is called personalized results, and it has been around for a few years. Google will show you results based mostly on what it thinks you want to see or, in other words, results personalized for you!

Fast forward to today, Google has gotten smarter and is advancing this technology. Google is continually learning about your interests, likes, and dislikes, and now will show you text and display ads based on what it thinks you are interested in the most. So here’s the big point, it does the same thing with automated bidding inside Google Ads! If you have your Google Ads account correctly set up using automated bidding strategies, Google will show ads to people and adjust bids based on how likely they think the searcher is to convert!

Here’s an example: I have an attorney-client who fights insurance companies when they deny an insured person’s claim. Many insurance companies love to deny or severely underpay claims, and in cases like this, my client will advocate on behalf of the insured vs. the insurance giant. Google can target prospective clients for the attorney based on their previous searches. Maybe they searched, how to file a claim, or visited an insurance claims website or typed what to do if my claim was denied. In this case, Google might think this is my perfect potential lead and adjust my bid up significantly enough to make sure I get the click and, hopefully, the conversion. If I do get the conversion, then Google knows that it was a good match for me and continually applies what it learned to my account.

Long story short, if you are still using manual bidding in most of your accounts, you are probably not getting all the conversions you could be getting.