Bing Ads vs Adwords

Should you be taking Bing Ads seriously? In a word, yes!

The thought behind the 2 advertising platforms is the same. They both offer pay-per-click advertising software built to accumulate leads and eventually sales.

Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages.


Generally clicks on Bing will be 20% to 40% cheaper on Bing than on Google but careful conversion tracking must determine the cost per new customer acquisition over any other metric.

Conversion Rate

Although lead quality seems to be about the same on the 2 platforms, on tests we’ve performed, we’ve found a better conversion rate on Google about 8-10%.

Target Demographics

Google users tend to be a bit younger than Bing users, Bing users tend to be a bit more affluent. Who gets the edge in this metric depends on your target demographic and goals for your campaigns.


Hands down Google wins with its new feature-rich interface.

So who wins?

There’s no reason not to advertise on both platforms if budget allows but we recommend advertising on Bing only after you’ve fully optimized the campaign on Google and there is still budget left over. Talk to your Certified Google and Bing Ads Professional today to learn more about these 2 amazing platforms!